Sunday, July 17, 2011

Getting Started with Zines

I've been making zines for only a short time. This one, Black & White #1, is the first in a series that I plan to draw. The series will feature little black and white images of my pen and ink drawings. I'll be working on the second one of these zines over the next couple days. I got started with the layout last night and will pencil in a few ideas tonight before I head off to bed.
Here is another view showing the back of this zine. It is a third page size zine, 3 1/2" x 4 1/4", folded and stapled together. So far the copies I've made from the original were printed using my printer here at home. I will be getting some copies printed a bit more professionally once I get a few of these little zines made up. They will be listed via my Etsy site for sale through Paypal. They can also be purchased directly by dropping me a note and a check or cash payment to me at my PO Box address shown in the right-hand sidebar. I am listing each copy at $2.00 (shipping included).
I thought I would show you a close-up of the drawing from page three. There are 12 pages to this zine. It is filled with images I have drawn during the month of June, 2011, and short bits of written commentary about the images and things that have taken place in my local small-town life on the Great Northern Plains of North Dakota.

I envision the series as a way to incorporate commentary on my life, events and activities that I am involved in as well as reminiscing and pondering some of life's questions. I like the idea of drawing something to add interest to the zine and to fullfil that desire to make it a mini graphic zine. At some point in my life - hopefully over the next year or two - I want to work on, and complete my own full-fledged graphic novel. I see these small scale mini graphic zines as good practice to hone my drawing and writing skills. At this point, I don't have the script for my graphic novel written, or even an inkling of what it will be about, yet. I plan to keep up with doing a mini-zine every month or at least every other month as practice. At some point I see these zines evolving into large works as I step up my efforts toward doing the full graphic novel.

In the meantime, I'm just having fun with it while I read up on all the graphic novel info, hints and tips I can find. I have been having fun following a number of comic artists and others who make zines, too. Hopefully I'll be building a following of readers of my own over the next year or two so the sale of my graphic novel will be a success when it finally comes to fruition. Of course, any input from my readers - through comments here on this blog - are certainly welcome. I love hearing ideas, suggestions and input from others.